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Transformational Quest in Berlin



Embark on a shamanic healing journey with Gabrielle to re-discover the real YOU.

You are invited into the protected space of the medicine wheel where you are allowed to encounter yourself so that deep healing can take place.


In this seminar you will learn how to decipher emotional and mental blocks behind symptoms of stress or fear, bad habits, weight problems or self-worth issues. You will learn how to derive and transform them from your energy-field and liberate yourself into a new expression of YOU.   


In this seminar we will be focussing on what needs to be transformed in this moment of your life-time so you can venture out and create what you want to see manifested in your life. We pay particular attention to long-standing limitations and deep-seated fears that prevent you from becoming active for your goals and dreams and live the life you really want to live.. 



BEYOND ALL PARTS IS YOU Transformational Quest

19th October    15h - 19h

20th October    10h - 19h

21st October    10h - 16h




€ 450.- (incl. 19% tax)

Booking and payment  TILL 30th of Sep


€ 550.- (incl. 19% tax)

Booking and payment  AFTER 01st of Oct


The Lodge Berlin  


If possible, please don´t make any plans in the evening after the retreat. Rather give yourself the time to integrate by being in peaceful company with yourself.



For booking and payment or more information please write to me with contact form below

Prior notice - mark in your calendar

"Beyond all parts is you"

in Vienna      27.-30. September 2018

in Rome        05.-07. October 2018

Venues will be announced

Everyone is afraid of something. Fear of the next step, of change, of speaking in the public,  of colleagues, of the truth, of conflicts, exams, superiors, fear of heights, fear of flying ... the list is endless and the treatment methods as well. One thing however is for sure ... fears can be a hindrance if you let them. The question is, why do we let ourselves so often ruled by our fears? Is there a way to proceed with and despite the fear and maybe even become happy?


In the protection of the Medicine Wheel, which I create and hold for you, you get the space to be YOU, so you can face deeply rooted fears, wounds or traumas without fear and experience true transformation and healing . I accompany you on your exciting journey to yourself and what you want or need to release or discover.

Recognize the treasure behind your fear


Usually fears work transparently. Except you are standing in front of a lion or bear or an angry boss - then your fear is pulpable, clear and you are totally immersed in it. 


However deep-seated fears are not immediately recognizable to us as fear because they in a sense hide and work in the background and determine our (unconscious) actions. They are particularly active when it comes to small or large changes in the job or private, changes of (bad) habits or fundamental decisions.


The fear of showing oneself as one is, thinks and feels --- triggers one of the biggest and most deep-seated, archaic fear. It  works within the collective and thus in each one of us.


It is the great fear of being abandoned or being rejected or expelled from your partner, community or your "tribe" if you follow your own perception or your own needs.

Transform that fear and you will experience a completely new attitude towards life.

In this retreat you  


Reveal the origin of your fears

Detox your heart, brain and emotional body from trauma

Learn to clean your Energy Field

Learn to balance your emotions   

Show your courageous and Conscious Self

Become pro-active instead of staying re-active

Allow what you really feel or need

Use the endorphin effect

Start the "creative mechanism"

Re-awaken your joy for life 

Lovingly let go of grief, self-doubt and shame

Explore new perspectives in your life

* Really say yes to yourself, to more (self) love, success and Abundance 



You want to book? You need more information? You have questions? You need answers? Let me know. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Gabrielle opened the door for me to a consciousness,

I did not yet know existed.

She laid the foundation for a transformation

that continuously has an impact in my life  ... .

A happiness and abundance I can hardly put in words.... 

Adina Popescu | Virtual Reality Expert |Creator Berlin/L.A.

“If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to

the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this

you have the power to revoke at any moment.” 
 Marcus Aurelius 

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